Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Save Your Expenses

Now the year 2013 and according to the government that the nation's economic improvement in Indonesia on 6% means that many Indonesian people are successful in business so a lot of new rich people do not know how to save money may be because they think that they have a lot of money, but the his name will forever lasting wealth unless we know how to save money for items we do not really need.

For rich people that need to know especially for low-income people must have known how to save money and be able to manage with good management. Moreover, household prices always go up at any time with no clear time so we were not able to prepare as early as possible.

But you do not have to worry if you do not know or have forgotten how to save money so below we try to provide an easy solution for you to be able to survive. But it will work if you practice it instead of just reading. How to cut your spending is as follows:

Efficiency of Use of Your Home

One of the biggest expenses for operating costs typically occurs very large house with many amenities such as a swimming pool, many decorative lights, no elevators or other. Of the many facilities the maintenance costs will be huge and many of these facilities do not use that so superfluous. Better facilities are rarely in use in disabling it so that you become more efficient spending. If you have more than one home then choose a house that was just enough for your family and may be close to work or school and your child may also close to important places such as the market for shopping purposes.

Sell ​​your excess stuff and you do not need

If you have items that you rarely use and actually you do not need it, but just your style you should wear for sale, for example, you have too much car you should sell one of your cars. Car maintenance can cost a lot when your car is not in use just parked it. Choose a fuel-efficient cars as a means of transportation you every day.

Do not carelessly spending

Shopping for a woman is a hobby. Many women are not able to withstand this temptation, and it is the hardest part not to do shopping. If you like shopping you should make a shopping list in advance halted from the most important to the least important. No need to include items that are not essential and urgent in your shopping list. For women you better reduce spending is less important as a new model shoes, fashion new model and others. If you do this a couple of time then you will be amazed how much money you can save.

Stop using credit cards

Having a credit card actually has a purpose so you do not have to carry cash around and make you secure. But most of us use credit cards just because of the ease of payment by simply swiping so you are not aware of your credit card payments each month to swell so you better prioritize your credit card payments than you buy staples such as rice, sugar or payment of your home power .

Do not often make great party

Partying is actually necessary if we really need it like to connect with neighbors gathering or want to hang out with family and friends or other friends. Anniversary Celebration, Celebration Graduation is the moment where it could be celebrated as a memento. But do not be too wisely spending money, enough to entertain you with a decent meal and your party with entertainment content as well, you do not need to invite your band famous enough to prepare music from a cd or mp3 player or karaoke and much more.

Do not often travel out of town

Out of town at the weekend with the family is one way to ward off fatigue or stress from your work during the week. It is indeed we need to eliminate the stress. Out of town on vacation out of the country let alone the huge cost. However, that does not mean you should not go but you do not travel frequency. If you Seang with traveling then you should be traveling at the nearest place from your home so it costs you a little bit. Make travel far enough once or twice a year.

So how to cut your spending so you can save and use it for things that are more useful. For how to save money for the cash-strapped you can read here

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